2020-12-24 · announcement

Last night, I deployed the first pass at the Transits feature. It's been a few months in the making, in fact, it was the very first feature request I wrote for the project, as it's the hardest thing to find in the usual tools -- at least with the level of free transparency that I want to offer with this project. Transits are solidly the turf of experienced astrologers, so the feature is rather sparse, but hopefully useful for neophytes and pros alike!

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Introducing: text mode

2020-12-23 · tech announcement

As part of my work with transits, I wanted an easy way to see a bunch of data, as processed by the server, without waiting until I put together the full markup. So, as a quick little hack, but also a learning experiment, I introduced the ability to request transit pages (and natal chart pages!) in plain text.

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New Look

2020-12-18 · announcement

Thanks to a design donation by Labyrinthos, I was able to implement a new, more cerulean look for

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Soft Launch

2020-10-26 · announcement

Last week, on 10/17 we soft-launched my wife, who runs Labyrinthos, mentioned it in a newsletter, and we've had 1.6K querents since!

Here's the "natal chart" for the moment when we first went live:

MCAsc121110987654321rNeptuneSaturnPlutoJupiterMoonrMercurySunVenusMean NoderUranusLilithrMarsrChironPiscesAquariusCapricornSagittariusScorpioLibraVirgoLeoCancerGeminiTaurusAries

From what I can gather, the site was snappy: ~2 second average time to fullfill requests, with less than a fraction of a second to get the "first byte" back, which means no one sat there staring at a blank loading page wondering what this site was about! Also, there have been no crashes, thanks to the choice of programming language and design approach, which I'll expand on in a technical post soon; which means that no one got excited to see their chart just to see a sad error page!

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