2020-12-24 ยท announcement

Last night, I deployed the first pass at the Transits feature. It's been a few months in the making, in fact, it was the very first feature request I wrote for the project, as it's the hardest thing to find in the usual tools -- at least with the level of free transparency that I want to offer with this project. Transits are solidly the turf of experienced astrologers, so the feature is rather sparse, but hopefully useful for neophytes and pros alike!

Currently, the transits feature offers:

So what's this "active" business?

In this version, an aspect is active if, within 24 hours of the moment you ask for your transits, it will become (or is has become) exact, or it is within one degree of exactitude. This excludes some more subtle facets of aspects, such as the fact that when a slow planet is approaching exactitude to aspecting a natal planet, most astrologers believe that it's active before it's within one degree; and, conversely, astrologers may also consider an aspect to no longer be relevant once it has "passed" the moment of exactitude, even if it's still within one degree. Our feature isn't that smart: we consider an aspect active when it's within one degree in dates that contain the moment you ask for transits -- it's up to you to use the less opinionated aspects table, and your own knowledge of your situation, to see which aspects are truly relevant.

To aid in your interpretation however, we did introduce a little note in the aspects table that indicates when an aspect is applying, that is, approaching exactitude, or separating, that is, it was exact in the recent past.

Lastly, we wouldn't be an astrology site without some visuals: here's the transits chart for when this feature was first deployed, relative to the day we first launched the service:

121110987654321NeptuneJupiterSaturnPlutoMercurySunVenusMean NodeLilithrUranusMoonMarsChiron121110987654321rNeptuneSaturnPlutoJupiterMoonrMercurySunVenusMean NoderUranusLilithrMarsrChironPiscesAquariusCapricornSagittariusScorpioLibraVirgoLeoCancerGeminiTaurusAries